Have You Thought About Your Soul?

Have you ever stopped to wonder what this life is all about.

Why you're here and where you're going when your lease on life runs out?

Maybe you've been far too busy, trying hard to reach your goal;

Would you let me ask you kindly, have you thought about your soul?


You may reach the highest portals, and your dreams may all come true;

Wealth and fame may be your portion, and success may shine on you.

All your friends may sing your praises, not a care on you may roll;

What about the great tomorrow -- have you thought about your soul?


Don't forget your days are numbered though you may be riding high;

But like all of us poor mortals, someday you'll just up and die.

Your success and fame and glory won't be worth the bell you toll;

Let me ask you just one question, have you thought about your soul?


If you never thought it over, spend a little time today;

There is nothing more important that will ever come your way,

Than the joys of sins forgiven, and to know that you have been made whole;

In the name of Christ the Savior, have you thought about your soul?